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Gas Rewards Credit Cards Save Money At The Pumps
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Gas Rewards Credit Cards Save You Money At The Pump

Gas prices breaking your budget? Switch to a cash back credit card rewards plan and save 2% to 5% on all your purchases at your favorite gas station. For credit savvy consumers that can make a difference in real dollars and cents.

Branded gas company cards can cost you

By using a major credit card offered by Visa, Mastercard or American Express for your gasoline purchases you can save a lot of money over a branded gas company card, such as Shell, Amoco, Citgo or Exxon. Usually these gasoline branded cards have a much higher interest rate, usually about 21% or more.

Transfer your balance and you could save even more

Another plus - by transferring your credit card to a cash rewards credit card, you can often take advantage of a 0% APR credit card balance transfer, and save even more. As gasoline prices edge ever higher, this can be a welcome breather to a strained household budget.

How cash back credit card rewards or rebates work

Typically, cash rewards cards offer you rebates on all purchases, including groceries, retail items, movie tickets as well as gas. Cash back credit card rewards are sent to you either as a check or as a credit to your account. These amounts can add up significantly if you travel or put in many miles commuting.

Not all cash rewards are alike

Some gas companies will “brand” their company specific card with a Visa, or Mastercard logo, for example, and can be used anywhere—but you will only receive a cash reward if you purchase gas from that specific station. These types of cards are limiting as to how and where you can use them, and you won’t always get the lowest price on gas.

If you really want to save

For consumers who pay off their credit card balances every month, this type of cash back credit card can really be beneficial, by providing a cash rewards with only a token finance charge. Look for a credit card offer with no annual fee, or transfer your balance to a 0% APR credit card that also offers cash back rebates.

So, if gas prices are breaking you budget, consider switching to a gas rewards credit card offering cash back. Used wisely, gas rewards credit cards can be a useful tool in balancing your budget.

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