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Gas Rewards Credit Cards: Get Relief From High Gas Prices
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Discover® Open Road(SM) Card

Gas Rewards Credit Cards: Get Relief From High Gas Prices

With gasoline taking a larger bite out of your budget these days, a Gas Rewards credit card with “Cash Back” rebates can provide some relief.

The main feature of a Gas Rewards credit card is that you can get cash back savings for every $1 spent on gas for your car. Many cards offer 5% or more cash back on your gas purchase. Now that the price of gas has exceeded $3 per gallon, a Gas Rewards credit card could ad up to significant savings.

I know people who will drive across town just to save a few pennies on gasoline. Why not save 5% or more by using a credit card with cash back rebates.

Another bonus is that most Gas Rewards credit cards offer cash back on other purchases as well, such as at supermarkets and drugstores.

When choosing a gas rebates credit card be mindful of the interest rate on the card and not just the amount of the cash rebate. Paying a higher interest rate to get a higher cash back percentage may defeat the purpose. Some gas rewards cards are specific to certain gas stations, and must be used there, such as the Hess Card or Speedway card. However, many Gas Rewards cards, including the ones listed below, can be used at any gas station.

Here is our recomended gas reward credit card:

Discover® Open Road Card

  • Full 5% CashBack Bonus® on your gas purchases.
  • Up to 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • 0% Intro APR for 6 months on Purchases, and 12 months on Balance Transfers

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