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Selecting a Card

There are many credit card choices available, such as Low Interest, Cash Back, 0% Balance Transfer, Airline and Other Rewards, Business, Instant Approval and Prepaid credit cards, as well as Credit Cards for people with Damaged Credit.

Having the right card could add up to significant savings and benefits to you. Click on any of the links below to view the credit cards in that category. To apply for a credit card, click on the Apply button for a secure online credit card application. The following information is designed to help you choose the card that’s right for you:

Low Interest Credit Cards come with Low ongoing interest rates, some under 10%. If you carry a balance on your current credit card, a low rate could mean significant savings. For even greater savings, choose a Low interest credit card with a 0% balance transfer APR. For a low rate credit card you must have good credit, and excellent credit for the lowest rates.

O% Balance Transfer Offers allow you to save money by transferring balances from high interest rate credit cards. Take advantage of this incentive and not pay interest for up to 15 months on some cards.

Cash Back Credit Cards allow you to earn cash rewards, up to 5% of each purchase you make. You’ll receive checks in the mail just for using your credit card.

Airline Credit Cards earn points with every purchase you make which can be used towards Frequent Flyer Airline Miles, and other travel rewards.

Student Credit Cards are a great way for young adults to start establishing a good credit history when used responsibly. Many of the student credit cards allow you to earn cash back with every purchase. If used wisely, a student can take the first step towards building a good credit history with a student credit card.

Business Credit Cards are designed for the needs of corporate and small business owners. Some of the benefits you’ll find with these cards included, quarterly and annual account summaries, free additional cards for employees with credit limits you set, and even customized cards with your business name.

Rewards Credit Cards earn points every time you use your card for great rewards. There are many reward programs offered, including Airlines, Automobile, Entertainment, Gas, Hotel, Travel, and more.

Instant Approval Credit Cards provide an immediate response to your credit card application, usually within minutes of completing your application. So, if you need a card Now!, these cards might be for you.

Bad Credit Credit Cards allow you to qualify for a credit card even if you have no or less than perfect credit. These cards are a great way to establish or rebuild your credit rating. Bad Credit Credit Cards may also be suitable if you are having trouble qualifying for a credit card due to the lack of a credit history.

Prepaid Debit Cards can be helpul if you are having trouble getting approved for a credit card due to poor or no credit, and allow you to build or re-build your credit. You can only spend the amount you deposit into your account, so a Prepaid Debit Card is also helpful to those who want to get more control over their spending.

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